Yulia Ink. Visualising complex stories


My full name is Yulia Kryazheva, I am an information designer.

I grew up in Novosibirsk (Siberia, Russia), where I received MSc in Architecture with a theoretical thesis on the architectural semantics. After moving to the Netherlands in 2006 and working at a few architectural studios, I realised that I was more interested in the "soft" side of architecture and design: people and their experiences. Inspired by design thinking (IDEO), pattern language (C.Alexander), visual thinking (Dave Gray), I’ve explored these methods in diverse projects:

  • concept development and UI for websites and software,
  • creating museum maps and complex visual schemes,
  • assisting the curator of Moscow Architectural Biennale,
  • doing research and developing new models for mass housing,
  • organising roundtable discussions, conferences, summer schools;
  • facilitating workshops, creative sessions and visual thinking lessons,
  • creating illustrations, maps, infographics, books,
  • and finally, art-direction, combining my skills and interests from all the above projects.

Now my focus and professional drive lies in translating complex ideas into visual form. I love engaging my clients in the design process, so we can find a solution together.

My languages are English, Dutch, Russian and basic French.